High Achieving Student Growth Target

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1. Principal Frank felt strongly that ranking a school higher solely for achieving the student growth target over a school that actually met the AYP achievement targets was inequitable and misleading. Do you agree or disagree with Principal Frank’s perspective? In this scenario, I feel Principal Frank frustration is justifiable due to the recent changes made to the school ranking system. Within the text it indicated that Principal Frank had worked for seven years with his staff to implement best practices in order to meet AYP (Shapiro & Gross, 2013). This hard work prompted the school to be ranked in the 25th percentile within the district, and due to it’s “high achieving” reputation required a special admissions lottery (Shapiro &…show more content…
3. Principal Frank questions the efficacy of the NCLB accountability system. Compare and contrast the use of AYP ratings compared with individual student growth rankings. Which might be the best way to go in terms of the students, parents, and the community? AYP requires that students’ levels of reading and math proficiency are tested in “grades through 8 and in one grade in high school” (Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, 2011, p.1). Results are then compared to prior performance levels, and state-determined AYP standards, to determine if the school has met AYP (Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, 2011). In order to achieve AYP, 95% of students must participate in testing, and 95% must reach minimum annual targets (Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, 2011). In addition, 95% of students in subgroups for disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, ELL, and ethnic groups must meet the measurable annual objectives. In contrast, individual student growth rankings do not employ specific benchmarks to establish a school’s performance. If Superintendent Hart is employing a “simple growth model” each students’ scores will be compared to the previous years. The downside of this is if a student did not take the test they will not be aggregated into the schools’ growth calculation. I do not feel this case student clearly explained how poverty levels are being
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