High Blood Pressure And Diabetes

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One area in physical education that I feel is important for secondary level students to learn is about being physically active through weight training. This is important because of the increase in obesity and the health problems associated with it. Some of the associated health problems are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Introducing students weight training as a form of physical activity will help them keep their bodies healthy and reduce the chances of health related illnesses. “PE teachers should want their students to be competent and excel in exercise-related skills for life just like what academic subject teachers envision for their students with regard to math, science, and language” (Diamond, 2015, p.…show more content…
As mentioned above, obesity is a significant problem faced by many adolescents and adults in present day. Promoting and teaching weight training can help curb this trend. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to walk into a gym and understand how to use each machine. Knowing how each machine will benefit them will allow them to target the areas they want to work on and make their time efficient. Instituting weight training in secondary level students will hopefully lead to an adult who is active and healthy. Promoting a healthy lifestyle at a young age can influence one person and have an effect on many. The hope is to have the student’s take their knowledge gained and share it with friends and family. Then once they become adults they will continue to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. “Parents should be active with their children from a very young age and not depend on the school system to keep their children fit; thus, changing parental exercise behavior may improve childhood fitness” (Landry & Driscoll, 2012, p. 831). Having parents who are active with their children will show them how fun it is. The principles of being physically active can be taught with games and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. Once they become age appropriate their parents can incorporate weight training as another for of physical activity. As a child my father was very active in the sports I played. He would go with me to the park and
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