High City Schools Adequate And Equal Expectations

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“Albert Einstein once said, everybody’s a genius,but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Does the education system of today truly cares to prepare students for the future? Many would like to believe so, but is inner city schools adequate and equal compared to suburban. If not, than what is school really preparing us for; If not for the future then, what is it’s sole purpose? In this paper I will be arguing the facts that schools are in fact failing students and are not preparing them for the real world of success. Instead they are taking away their creativity, individuality, and intelligence intellect and conforming them into “robot 's,” creating replicates of…show more content…
Now look at phone from 50 years ago, …. Big difference right? keep following me, look at a car from today, and here a car from 50 years ago; big difference right? Well get this. Here’s a classroom of today; And here’s a classroom we used 50 years ago. Now ain 't that a shame? In literally more than a century nearly nothing changed. Yet they claim to prepare us for the future? But with evidence like that I must ask. Do you prepare students for the for the future or the past? Kevin carey says, “ as the country becomes more standardized in the classroom, its risks eradication difference among students.” meaning due to the school views it being to cause unnecessary dilemma with students, when their attention could have been focus elsewhere. See, research proves schools were made to train people to work not to be successful. Which explains why they put students in straight rows nice and neat tell’em sit till, raise your hand if you want speak, and give them a short break to eat; and for 8 hours a day tell them what to think. As Edx CEO Anant Agarwal says it “ it’s pathetic that the education system has not changed in hundreds of years.” An Oh make them compete to get an A. A letter which determines products quality. Hence grade A of meat, I get it. Back then times were different. We all have a past, but today we don’t need to make robot zombies. Author writer Clayton Christensen, Institute Michaels Horn and Meg Evan
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