High Class And Middle Class

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We all have to start somewhere when we move to a new town, new state or even a new country. We all start from the bottom and start to work our way up as we learn to improve ourselves to move classes in the American system. In America we either belong to the lower class, middle class or upper class. We are classified either by our: jobs, education, aspirations,budgets and values. But most of us fit into the middle class, because many have started from the lower class and worked their way up to middle class, thanks to the mobility between social classes. There is mobility in the U.S. because like my father who came from Mexico to look for a better future for my mom and two children found mobility to move from lower class to middle class. My father started from the lower class and worked his way up to middle class and got his construction license and finally was a contractor assistant for a construction company in Arizona. In the United States there is three social classes. There is a lower class nation, middle class, and the upper class nation. The lower class is the working class the “blue collar” , the middle class is the “white collar” jobs and the upper class is the independently wealthy class. In the united states there is more people that fit into the middle class than into any of the other two social classes. In the article Middle Class In America by the U.S. Department of Commerce states that, “Middle class families are defined by their aspirations more than their…
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