High Consumption Of Junk Food Essay

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Introduction: Obesity affects more than 640 million people globally. In addition, the world’s population becomes over 3 pounds heavier each decade (Encarnação et al., 2016). According to a global study conducted by several public health professors in London, England, by 2025, 18% of men and 21% of women will become obese (Encarnação et al., 2016). All over the world, individuals are consuming large amounts of foods high in salt, fat and sugar due to low costs and easy accessibility. High consumption of junk-food is detrimental to human health and has resulted in the consideration of junk-food taxes all over the world in order to defeat the current obesity epidemic (Encarnação et al., 2016). Governments all over the world should tax foods and beverages that are high in fat, simple sugars and salt because obesity is a rising global issue and junk-food taxes will help to decrease obesity rates, reduce disease and raise revenue, which will ultimately result in a healthier and happier generation of people. Arguments for your position: First of all, taxing foods high in fat, simple sugars and salt will reduce obesity rates significantly. Secondly, the taxation of junk food will help reduce disease, which will lead to increased health and happiness of todays generation of people. Lastly, taxing junk-food will lead to a rise in revenue, which will contribute to the health and happiness of individuals and reduce the rising global issue of obesity. Although junk-food taxes have

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