High Context Culture In Australia

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1. When we got to Australia, we found that after about 5 pm, 90% of the Adelaide is dead. It was a real shock for us, because I used to live in a city with a very hot climate, therefore, after about 7 pm was the best time to do shopping and streets were packed with people.
At the first glance you might think Australian always are asking question according to their particular intonation, rising the end part of the sentence.
I always heard that English is a very musical language, not like most Persian accents. But Australia presents a monotonous intonation to surprise you.
2. Iran, my native country, is the paradigm of high context culture. In fact, lots of rules are not written but people are becoming familiar with them from the early ages. In the past, the high context culture indicators were extremely extensive while this approach recently has changed significantly to the low context culture. This transition has produced a number of challenges between almost two generations, the old generation (in their fifties) and the new one (in their twenties). The generation between these two generations is still …show more content…

As mentioned in response to the question-3, the differences between Muslim and swingers subcultures in regard to sexual relationship. The other example could be the differences between atheist and believers communities. The other one the contradiction between communities in support and against guy marriage.
5. Based on my background and my personal characteristic I think most skilled migrant like me can be potential member of the main professional working class and its sub-divisions. I personally like to be a member of international communities as well as some so-called Aussi group to learn how to be accepted by all that class groups. At this stage, for about last two years I have just stabilized my career and tried to know some communities. Thus, being a member of those communities would be one of next goals.
6. Honey moon, culture shock, adjustment,

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