High Demand For Peak Performance

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The high demand for peak performance grows has resulted in the need for athletes to look for options to improve training and competitive performance. Professional Leagues are now leading to use technology advances With the objective of maintaining and observed athletes, injuries treatment, and cardiovascular monitor. Sports technology, solar proper, is to be performance-enhancing in the use of body movements and techniques. It is the knowledge and application of using specialized equipment and the latest modern technologies to perform tasks more efficiently. Athletes use the sensors and computers to start a training regime. For examples of technologies include devices used for exercise stress testing and cardiovascular assessment, human reaction time and frequency of movement meters, and jump and run characteristics devices. The development of the technology in sports has created the impurities for enhancing athletic performance by the involvement of athletes with the sensor monitors reading VO2, cardiovascular system, and athlete performance allies to see the need of improvement. The increase of GPS technology current with the use of team sports settings to provide sports scientists, coaches, and trainers with the comprehensive and real-time analysis of on-field player performance during competition. The global positioning system (GPS) us used in everyday life with human cars and phones to monitor how far we have traveled and speed.The GPS technology is used in
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