High Dependence On Social Media Technology

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In the twenty first century, there is high dependence on social media technology in daily human interaction and sharing of information. This has shaped the social interactions and development of personal relationships of people more so teenagers. Individuals in the modern society use social media technology extensively, which has caused significant change in time people spend in alternative activities. That is, given a time constraint of 24 hours in a day, time spent in using social media technology is drawn from another activity like having one-one conversation with either family members or friends. Wise use of social media technology can have positive impact on social lives of people however; high dependency can cause serious relationship problems. The level of impact of extensive use of social media technology differs among individuals. Therefore, the question that arises is; what are the common social and physical issues that arise from high dependency on social media technology? A reasonable explanation for this question is that the most common social problem among social media technology users is lack of social competence. People who form an attachment to electrical devices like computers to access social media platforms like twitter find it hard to interact with their peers. Instead, they form virtual relationships on social media replacing an opportunity to improve and develop interpersonal skills. In addition, extensive use of social media technology destabilizes
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