High Education And The Middle Class

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The world’s middle class is growing while America’s middle class stays the same. United States has a smaller middle class compared to other countries like China, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer and the middle class either stays how it is or gets smaller. Every modern country’s goal is to cut poverty and grow the middle class. In order to grow the middle class we need to increase the minimum wage. The minimum wage has been raised from 7.25 dollars per hour to about 9-10 dollars per hour. With minimum wage increase we encourage workers to get out of poverty and have an ability to improve their financial status. Another reason why United States has a “poor” middle class is that higher education puts kids into debt while higher education in other countries is tuition free. Students in debt are not likely to become wealthy anytime soon which raises a question if higher education is even worth it. Making higher education affordable is a key to grow the middle class. The other reason that might be affecting the middle class being small is medical insurance not being available for the most. Not everyone can afford medical insurance. Government needs to provide affordable medical insurance to improve the middle class and cut down poverty. Last but not least, opening a business is a hard task for low and middle class. While rich open up businesses and expand, lower class is struggling. Having some economic aid from government
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