High Education And The United States Lie Much Deeper Than Sat And Act Tests

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Higher Education is an important component in the life of most Americans. Students are encouraged to attend a college or university from a young age. Does everyone have the same opportunity to be admitted? The simple answer to that question is no due to the bias in SAT and ACT testing, as well the fact that these tests are geared toward Caucasian and elite students. The problems with college admissions in the United States lie much deeper than SAT and ACT tests. The entire college admissions needs to be revamped to better fit the need of students now.
1.2 Current Evaluating Methods in Admission Process Currently college admissions look at the following things when it comes to evaluating an applicant 's: academic record, recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, application essay, and / or an interview. SAT and ACT scores would be counted under a student 's ' academic record on file with the university. The problem with the emphasis on the academic record is that it isn 't the only component that goes into whether a student will adjust well to college life. Moreover, there are more problems with higher education in America such as colleges not disclosing information that students need to know. When an applicant is not completely informed about an institution of higher learning they may choose one that does not suit them well. Students have to be able to receive information about a college or university that is geared toward their needs and what they need to…
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