High Education And The United States Lie Much Deeper Than Sat And Act Tests

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Higher Education is an important component in the life of most Americans. Students are encouraged to attend a college or university from a young age. Does everyone have the same opportunity to be admitted? The simple answer to that question is no due to the bias in SAT and ACT testing, as well the fact that these tests are geared toward Caucasian and elite students. The problems with college admissions in the United States lie much deeper than SAT and ACT tests. The entire college admissions needs to be revamped to better fit the need of students now. 1.2 Current Evaluating Methods in Admission Process Currently college admissions look at the following things when it comes to evaluating an applicant 's: academic record, recommendation…show more content…
According to Danielle Wiener-Bronner a newsletter editor in her article, “What’s Wrong with American Higher Education?” in recent years Americans have been conditioned to believe that college leads to financial success. Some students believe that college is the only way that they will be successful even if college is not meant for them. Students are no longer encouraged to learn and perfect a skill instead they encouraged to pursue higher education at a college or university. 1.3 Cost of Attending College Another problem with higher education in America is the cost of attending an institution of higher learning. According to the US Department of Education in 2012-2013 the tuition at a public university was $15,022 and at private university it was $39,173. Tuition and fees have been on the rise in recent years and they are still on the rise. Students are encouraged or pushed to attend college yet college is becoming less and less affordable. If students are encouraged to attend college it should be affordable. The affordability of college is a growing issue since students often graduate bring in debt. Adults entering the working world should not do so with debt that seems nearly impossible to pay back. As tuition rates increase students begin to take out more loans in order to pay for their college education. Students loans cause high amounts of debt since you are not only paying back what you borrowed you are also paying interest as
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