High Education And Vocational Programs

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“Prisoners have a variety of risk factors that make their transition to mainstream society more difficult. For example, 40 percent of state prisoners and 27 percent of federal prisoners have neither a high school diploma nor GED. By comparison, just 18 percent of the general population failed to obtain a GED or high school diploma”, Conis, Delisi (2013). Most convicted inmates typically don’t have any high education achievements prior to their convictions. In prison, inmates are revoked the opportunities such as work, education and social contact from the outside world. They chose this path by the actions they took to get them in a correctional facility. Prisons do offer education and vocational programs to rehabilitate them while…show more content…
First, I will discuss the importance of work and education in the corrections in a historical perspective. I will review the different kind of education, work and vocational programs that the prisons offer and theoretical explanations on why might the programs may affect recidivism. The second section will deal with the research on the effectiveness of the programs in trying to cut down the recidivism of inmates. I will then end with an explanation on why I think and research that education and work programs help the inmates in and out of prison. How it affects their lives after they are let out of prison and how it helps with social encounters. When sentenced to prison it is due to a law that was severely broken. The judge does have remorse for convicted felon, they won’t to rehabilitate the inmate, not break down by any means. While incarcerated or in the community offenders and juveniles participate in the programs that I provided earlier. Encouraging education has its benefits inside and out. Research has shown that programs like getting their GED, basic education and working within the prison are very effective in reducing the prevalence of committing a crime again and increasing future employment. There are many components of correctional treatment and education programs is a very important source of treatment. On a different page, research has shown that work and life
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