High Education Is A Prerequisite For A Middle Class Lifestyle

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“ Higher education is a prerequisite for a middle-class lifestyle.” So how are students suppose to attend a four-year university if all financial aid is giving them is loans? That’s the question many middle-class students are asking themselves, and a question I had to ask myself as well. Being able to afford the university of my choice was not about to come easy.
Imagine a girl in her senior year of high school with the hopes of going to a four-year university. She got accepted into every university she applied for, had leadership experience, working experience, and an abundant amount of community service. She had no mind of what her class was, or what it would do in effect to her dreams of attending the university of her choice. The financial aid letter some in the mail and she thinks she may get a pell grant or any funding from her guardian being a marine veteran. No, she only received loans. That girl was me and many other students who have dealt with this predicament. It is said that people earning a middle-class income end up paying 76 percent of their income to cover their student 's tuition. Student loan debt, detrimental expenses, no financial aid, and trying to attend the college of your choice do not mix well in the same stew pot together. I learned this while I was planning to attend the university of my choice a month before my high school graduation. What I didn’t know was in this society our ascribed statuses are what make us or break us when it comes to…
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