High Education : Is It Easy, Expensive And Confusing Process?

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Returning to school is never easy, it can be a scary, expensive and confusing process. For some individuals, the thought of continuing education can be outright overwhelming. St. Philip’s College (SPC) understands this and has made the path to higher education as easy and painless as possible. With online guides, supportive staff, and assorted degree options, taking the next step toward an education is a much less intimidating process.
While it has not always been known by the same name since opening its doors in 1898, SPC has been a vital member of San Antonio’s higher education platform. As a member of the Alamo Community College network, SPC works with other schools to “help students succeed in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed in today 's world.” With the addition of the Southwest Campus, SPC has been able to diversify the technical degrees offered without compromising the quality of education each student receives. With the guidance of experienced professors, hands on courses challenge students to develop skills required to compete in the industry. From an Associates of Arts in Business Administration to Associates of Applied Science in Welding, SPC has a wide variety of degrees to choose from. For students wanting to learn more about the aviation industry, Introduction to Aviation is a worthy starting point. Students are given “an overview of aviation maintenance, including the history of aviation, the mechanic 's roles and duties, and nomenclature of
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