High Education Is Not Much Learning

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Personal Development
Many young adults believe that after high school there is not much learning that goes on any more, they believe that in higher education learning requires more memorization than it does basic understanding and comprehension. I believe this belief that many have to be false. Higher education help to teach about important information for a persons desired career but also teaches about one’s own personal strengths and weaknesses. Through my own learning over this year and specifically this semester I have learned that higher education teaches you understanding and also helps develop your personal qualities. My successes and my challenges have all taught me that higher education requires more that memorization. Experiences have their own way of teaching us about our education and about our personal development. This past semester I have had many successes as a student. Where I saw my greatest success was in my college algebra class. Not expecting to receive the grade in the class because many others have told me that the class was difficult. I set out to achieve a “B”. I ended up achieving that grade. I achieved this grade by focusing on the end result of what I wanted to achieve from the math class and ended up learning and important thing about myself. We control the outcome of every event that we are a part of. This experience of overcoming has taught me that our education has the ability to teach us about our own abilities. This passed semester there…
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