High Emotional Intelligence : The Personality Of Emotional Intelligence

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Everyone has as least pondered about how emotional intelligence can affect their own lives. Emotional Intelligence ties together events in your life in more ways than one. In an evaluation of myself, with the use of two online personality tests and articles, I have come into terms of what kind of person I am. I exhibit qualities of an introvert, intuitive, judging, and assertive person (INFJ Personality). My quality of thinking and feeling are more equal rather than being unbalanced (INFJ Personality).
According to another personality test that I took, I have a high emotional intelligence (Good EQ). High emotional intelligence is important to acknowledge because it dictates how we manage ourselves and govern how we communicate with others. Comparing these results to my personal life, I can decipher why certain events in my life turned out in the way that they did. For example, when I worked at a local fast food restaurant, I was under an extreme amount of unneeded stress every time I went into work. With my high emotional intelligence, I managed the amount of stress I was enduring to a point where I was able to function properly at work without personal feelings involved. In the works of Emmerling and Goleman(2003)n.d.), they stated that the validity of emotional intelligence has "not been able to account for a large portion of the variance in work performance and career success"(Emmerling, R. J., & Goleman, 2003). This simply means that other factors, when measuring
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