High End And Low End

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High-end and low-end, is there really an in-between? Can people truly find a natural equilibrium to tame the disease of materialism in the world? Design. Design changes people’s perspective of the feral planet in desperate need an adoption of integrity. Look at the screen. The word document is a design. Look at the typography. It is a design as well. On to something else, what about clothing? A design so popular, high-end and low-end are terms typically preceding to differentiate the style. From hats down to shoes, certain vernacular was created. No middle ground until one article of clothing found it’s break out: sneakers. Originally stuck in low-class status due to the nature of the blue-collared, working man, in the 1970s, the sneaker product became a cultural icon. By the early 1990s, sneakers established themselves to be a regular middle class garment that was equally available to the lower and higher class citizens. From the suburbs to the ghetto, the kids ask for them and the adults collect them. They act as a bridge joining together the haves and the have-nots. A pop culture necessity, sneakers have the capability of strategizing equality through image and awareness of differences. The Converse All-Stars hug onto the star of such equality. They disturb the code presented onto the the world’s standards by acting as a buffer for simplicity and elegance. A strange elegance through zero technological advancement, but an elegance to show the artistry of the inner beliefs…
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