High Ethical And Moral Standards

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There are various opinions about which leadership competencies are the most important to possess. Depending upon which career field one chooses, some leadership competencies may be more important than others. However, many leadership competencies are interchangeable and almost all include but are not limited to: High ethical and moral standards; Empowerment including coaching and mentoring;Interpersonal relationships and communication; Team building;and Managing conflict.
High Ethical and Moral Standards:

Although each competency may be equally important; the top priority leadership attribute to possess would be high ethical and moral standards. A leader with high ethical standards conveys a commitment to following the rules and or
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In setting clear directions and expectations, the supervisor can coach and mentor the employees to be task-oriented and self-directed, which will also require responsible thought and decision making that will prepare employees for future supervisory roles.
Interpersonal Relationships and Communication:

Interpersonal relationships and communication between the supervisor and employee are characterized by meaningful exchanges rewarding both individuals with a sense of satisfaction from a successful interaction. Feelings of belonging impact productivity and commitment to the organizational mission as well as emotional wellbeing. Successful leaders invite communication, listen well, and prove themselves ' trustworthy by exhibiting rational,caring,and predictable behavior in interpersonal relationships. Effective interpersonal communication can be a key to management success.
Four aspects of establishing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships Include:
- Empathy- the ability to be aware of, understand, and to appreciate the feelings of others or being able to "emotionally read" other people.
- Social responsibility- involves being a cooperative and contributing member of the organization. Acting responsibly whether or not one immediately benefits, having a basic concern for others and doing things for the good of the larger group and community.
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