Essay about High Expectations

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“We just want you to be happy, we know what is best;” This is how many parents justify setting goals and having expectations of their children as they grow up. In “The Drowned Son,” by David Guterson, the manly duck hunter of a father, Hutchinson, was blamed for the death of his son, Paul, because of his constant push to be doughty. Hutchinson strived for his son to grow up to be a man and not a coward, which pressured Paul to prove himself. Because of his father’s expectations, Paul eventually took a dangerous and adventurous fishing trip which ultimately ended his life. Like Mr. Hutchinson, all parents have hopes and dreams for their children; however having too high or even low expectations of them can be detrimental to their …show more content…
“Look, said the picture now, I’m not myself. I only want to please.” Hutchinson realized at that moment he had been forcing himself and his ways upon his son, which had possibly caused Paul to go out and get himself killed on his dangerous fishing trip. “Remorse rolled through Hutchinson with all the force of an ocean wave. He knew that Paul’s brief life had, in some measure, been a lie and that his death was Hutchinson’s own to contend with; the son’s death was on his father’s hands.” This shows how far a child is wiling to go to prove themselves worthy to their parents. We are all born with limitations, and when expectations are set beyond those limitations, the consequences can be unfortunate.
On the other hand, if parents do not have any or low expectations, their children’s self esteem could become bruised. Children seek and thrive on approval, but if they have nothing to live up to then they will not have any direction in life. We as human beings need to have dreams and goals, something to live up to and look forward to in order to feel successful and ultimately happy. We can not be happy doing nothing. My aunt and uncle, for example, never put any stress on getting good grades for my cousin – so he did not strive for good grades. Once out of high school he was not encouraged to continue his education, so he did not. His employment opportunities were limited, so he was drawn to the familiar field of his father: a law enforcement officer.
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