High Expectations, Trust, And Professionalism

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School principals build a school culture of high expectations, trust, and professionalism by appreciating and supporting teacher collaboration and shared decision-making. Effective instructional leaders build strong teaching teams and help their teachers improve their classroom practice.
The stakeholders involved in the conversation should be the school principal, assistant principal, teachers from each grade-level, special area teachers, content area teachers, and special education teachers, instructional specialist, and instructional support specialist.
The school principal should have individual conversations and with the entire leadership team to spend time trying to understand the perspective of the leadership team members. What does
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School principal and prospective leaders should put a timeline together after discussions have happened.
Goal Leadership Activity Timeline
Develop a vision and a strategy.
Communicate the vision. Leadership team members use formal and informal opportunities to create conversation about the vision and strategy for achieving the vision with all school members. Beginning of school year
Establishing PLC Norms Leadership team introduces to teachers Norms and expectations through PLC time. Beginning of school year
Get status updates Discussion of what needs to be improved and what went well. Every Friday
Communicate expectations, share information, and review collaborative topics Department Heads Every Monday
Increase ability to work as a team among all staff members. The school leader will teach teachers how to support each other 's leadership. This year
Increase best practices strategies. Engage staff members in conversations about how to try some of the best practices that are recommended by instructional specialist. This year
The school principal should be thoughtful and should have an ethical leadership that can lead to collaboration and create a good climate within the school. If all school members in the school know that authority will be shared and not abused, that they’ll be dealt with respectfully and straightforwardly, that they’ll have the power to do their jobs, and everyone will function ethically in the school community to work
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