High Fat Diets And Western Eating Habits

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Figure 2. Trends over time in average global body mass index and global mean difference in GDP per capita (a) and KOF economic globalization index (b) for 127 countires 1980-2008 (Vogli et al. 2014). Additionally, these trends suggest a historical anomaly that has occurred over the last three decades. High fat diets and western eating habits were restricted to rich industrialised nations with higher Gross National Product levels (GNP). The consumption of animal products high in fat and protein had been a measure of prosperity and higher social status, such as milk, butter and meat. Now, high fat diets and western eating habits are occurring in nations with much lower Gross National Products. This nutrition transition has consequently…show more content…
It enables a greater variety and quantity of agricultural goods to be traded on the global market. Moreover, this liberalization gives the freedom to global investors to make foreign investments into other countries. Some of these foreign investments include transnational food companies (TFCs), including large supermarkets (Hawkes, 2006). In consequence, a greater level of international flow of goods and services and capital result from this market and policy liberalization. A notable agreement was the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) agreement on agriculture. It bound countries to reduce tariffs, export subsidies and domestic agricultural support. Overall, other bilateral agreements that have taken place over the last 30 years have allowed policy shifts to establish a more liberal global agricultural marketplace. This has also encouraged the growth of TFCs, easily creating a global network of food import/export for cheaper prices, changing the supply of foods (Hawkes, 2006). How does this affect the nutrition transition? With this increase in liberalisation of markets, there is a significant change of food distribution and access that has particularly affected countries undergoing development. Generally, foods that are more energy dense with less nutrients are more readily available, particularly from TFCs and greater supermarket access, making the nutrition

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