High Fiber Diet

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When you feed your dog a healthy high-fiber diet, it benefits both of you. Diets rich in fiber will eliminate some conditions and illnesses on their own. Overweight animals will also benefit from food which contains a lot of fiber. An added bonus is that the animal feels fuller, but with fewer calories. This is virtually the same kind of thing that happens when we eat foods on a high fiber diet, such as one containing vegetables and fruit.

A dog which is diabetic really benefits from a high fiber diet. Food is slower to digest and again, the dog will feel fuller for much longer. We can only assume that this makes them much happier. Quality carbohydrates should be used and along with the many other benefits of high-fiber, is the fact that your dog will not be constipated (unless there's a medical reason). Fibrous food provides stimulation for the
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Dog food high in fiber should be organic, if only for the reason that some commercially-prepared dog food contains nonfood items! You may be very surprised at what you can find in there.

Supplements may be used sometimes so that fiber content is increased. A few great food items to supplement the diet with, can include apples, brown rice, beets, and oat bran. Green beans are wonderful and dogs also love them. They don't have a lot of calories and you could keep a bag of frozen ones in the freezer. Of course, make sure they're at room temperature or warmed, if you give them to your dog.

Many animal lovers these days are making their own food, and there are plenty of recipes which can be gleaned from the Internet. Homemade food for your dog can increase the health and energy of the animal and you may notice a difference in the way your dog acts, in a mere few days. Strive for high-fiber dog food which you can either purchase or make yourself, and your dog will thank you in many different
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