High Glitz Beauty Pageants And The Ugly Truth

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This essay, High Glitz Beauty Pageants and the Ugly Truth, examines the role high glitz pageants play on young adolescent girls. There are two major types of pageants which include natural and glitz. Natural pageants are morally appropriate and acceptable for young girls because they promote a much more healthier lifestyle as compared to glitz beauty pageants. On the other hand, the impact that glitz beauty pageants have on young girls are highly negative. This particular type of pageant puts girls at risk for both psychological and physical harm. Parents of pageant contestants should not be allowed to subject their daughters towards the superficiality advertised by glitz beauty pageants. With all things considered, the negative aspects of high glitz beauty pageants greatly outweighs the positive. Therefore a call for regulation is needed before more young girls become involved. Key Words: Pageants, Girls, Beauty, Young, Glitz, Natural, Child, Perfection, Parents When asked to picture the perfect little girl, what image comes to mind? Sugar and spice and everything nice or fake eyelashes, orange tans, and perfect hair strands? According to the popular television show, Toddlers & Tiaras, or just about an high glitz beauty pageant, the perfect little girl dresses and acts like a showgirl on broadway. Makeup, hair extensions, flashy outfits, and sexy dance moves are key the characteristics used when it comes time for picking out the beauty queen. One must ask

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