High Grades And Academic Excellence

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As a student at a high-achieving middle school school where high grades and academic excellence are stressed, I often feel pressure to exceed standards set for my level of education. There are many nights, as an eighth grader, that I have pulled all-nighters not because I wasn’t done with a project, but because I wanted it to stand out. For me, finishing a project isn’t enough, I feel pressure to do better than my classmates. After I finish it I have to proofread it several times and I usually find many things that could be fixed. This leads me to stay up in the wee hours of the morning fixing everything I could possibly get downgraded for. Usually the next day, I am extremely fatigued and it is difficult to pay attention and learn in class. Many other students at my school and worldwide experience similar situations. In today’s society being “good” at something is not enough. We strive to be better than everyone else at what we do. While this is sometimes a good thing, it is having a negative effect on schoolchildren. Parents need to stop putting so much academic pressure on kids because it is damaging their children. Pressure from school can cause depression, lead to cheating, and force kids to grow up too fast.
Some parents and teachers could argue that academic pressure motivates students; however, academic pressure can actually cause these students to slip into depression and use illegal substances. Researcher, Ablard, from John Hopkins University talks about his study…
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