High Graduation Rate Is The Best Fit For Me

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Another action step I need to engage in, is finding graduate schools in North Carolina that will be the best fit for me. There are currently four fully accredited occupational therapy programs in North Carolina. Although I am not picky about the city the school is in, I would like for the school to be surrounding a larger population. I believe there will be more job opportunities in bigger cities that will allow me to advance in my career. The school needs to have a high graduation rate, and upon completion of the program, I would be eligible to take the NBCOT test. I want a program that works with a diverse population of individuals and has an adamant amount of fieldwork for hands on learning. The program should grow me as a person,…show more content…
The courses and knowledge the school provides will be the information I use to pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy test and information I use to diagnosis an injured patient and come up with a strategic plan for the recovery. If the graduate school did not teach me adequate skill sets, I will be unprepared for situations that arise in the workplace, and I will not be able to give a client the right procedures, in order to help them in recovery. I want to leave graduate school feeling prepared for my future career and know that I have the knowledge and skillset to overcome any situation given. To choose the right graduate school will be crucial in my success as an occupational therapist because it will be the education that will guide me in my career. Following this, making sure I finish my degree of exercise science at University of North Carolina Wilmington is the biggest action step I can complete as of right now in order to advance to graduate school. I currently only have three semesters left until I will be able to graduate with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. I meet every semester with my academic advisor to make sure I am on the right path and taking the necessary required courses. Although, there is more than just getting my degree I need to complete. I need to make sure I am taking all the prerequisite courses required by graduate schools. For Winston-Salem State University, the prerequisite is: chemistry 101 with a lab,
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