High Impact Practices For Schools

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Schools are places that constantly grow every day based on their environment. They change by implementing new ideas throughout the system or taking away ideas to make things better. All of these changes are being made to insure that students are receiving the appropriate education and the teachers are very aware. Although change can be negative, in the schools they are improvements girded toward the student and the teacher must make adjustments that includes them. These changes may include test score, report cards, lesson plans, professional learning, safety procedures, and discipline reports. With several things to improve questions aroused in regards to, what to, when to, and how to continuously improve. In 2008, School Keys- Unlocking Excellence through the Georgia School Standards was created as a “descriptor of effective, high impact practices for schools throughout Georgia to describe what schools need to know, understand and be able to do, in similar fashion to the Georgia Performance Standards curriculum for students.” Meaning that this document outlines the guidelines teachers should consider in correlations to the standards. According to the article it was formed through research from, What Works in Schools (2003), School Leadership that Works, and Standards of the Southern Association if College in Accreditation and School Improvement (2007), indicating that various information and multiple perspectives went into this new idea. In relations to School Keys,
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