High Incidence Of Bacteri Los Angeles County Beaches

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Los Angeles County Beaches have a dangerous amount of water pollutants. The influx of water pollutants has caused water quality in county beaches to significantly decrease, especially with excess storm runoff during the wet weather season. This has contributed to a high incidence of bacteria, like fecal bacteria, which leads to more gastrointestinal illnesses and causes an annual economic loss between $21 to $51 million in public health. Poor water quality in LA County beaches also discourages the public from visiting beaches, putting in jeopardy the estimated $90 billion beach visitors contribute to coastal tourism economy. Therefore, I propose disconnecting the direct link between impervious areas, like roofs or paved surfaces, and the storm or combined sewer system. As this policy is cost-effective, the remaining funds should be utilized to maintain water quality testing facilities and water treatment facilities. This should be done within a year of implementation in order to improve water quality during the wet weather season. Problem Definition There are dangerous levels of water pollutants in Los Angeles County Beaches. Pullulated coastal waters have health and economic repercussions. Excess water pollutants, mainly due to contaminated runoff, in beaches puts the health of residents and tourists at risk, which has a huge impact on public health, leading to economic loss in that regard. Also, the high incidence of water pollutants can deter people from visiting the

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