High Incidence Of Breast And Cervical Cancer

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Due to the high incidence of breast and cervical cancer, which continues to rise, the need for better screening protocols and interventions require a successful program such as this is highly recommended. Cervical and breast cancer continue to be the leading cancers seen among women with a much increase incidence seen in impoverished individuals as a result of late detection and treatment which often results in death. Many of these women have lost interest in themselves and just do not care, as Pickney stated and addressed in her program targeted at helping these individuals becoming a better person. Governor Kasich with the defunding of Planned Parenthood, of which over a million dollars in funding was cut that supported the initiatives of HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and prevention of violence against women shows that a strong program is needed to prevent what the African- American women faced in the small communities of South Carolina which included low self-esteem, premature death for many of which could have been prevented, or halter. A program in place that allowed for early treatment and recognition with better screening protocols for breast and cervical cancer could have save many lives. This is why creating a program that provides quality of care as the Black Corals program did for the citizens in the small communities of South Carolina, which allowed some of the most vulnerable individuals to be a part of their health initiative. The
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