High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Medical Physics

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Medical Physics DJARI, Bryan Introduction Medical science has been established since the earliest time of the 1800’s. Using physics, scientist from all over the world are able to physically upgrade and improve both the effectivity and efficiency. In the fields of medicine, sounds, is an important factor to study. From many ranges of sound, ultrasound are sound or other vibrations having an ultrasonic frequency. With the use of ultrasound, doctors are able to scan the body of patient accurately, whether to create images of organs and structures in your body or to visualise blood or fluids flowing through the body. One major technology HIFU is a high intensity focused ultrasound that uses sound waves to disintegrate tumour cells or any other hazardous cells in the human body. During the course of its development, HIFU has been applied to a variety of clinical problems. The first application of HIFU was in neurosurgery to treat patients with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Other application of HIFU includes; preventing haemorrhage from organs during surgery or ultrasound aided drug delivery to the brain. Many of the applications of HIFU that are currently under investigation are in cancer treatment of numerous types, for example, liver, prostate, bladder kidney and many more. HIFU is a reliable technology due to the fact that it is able to send a focused therapeutic treatment to a specific region without damaging the
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