High Involvement Product : Purchase After Dully Long And Careful Consideration

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High involvement product is simply valued item that is purchase after dully long and careful consideration such as cars, truck. Etc. Though is more risk, financially high as consumer think carefully before making decisions. While low involvement products are items consumable with minimal effort and think on the part of consumer choice to buy since they do not have substantial effect on buyer`s lifestyle and not significant that much to investment. Such items are the ones that is habitually purchase and so the decision to do so requires little effort. Consumers usually tend to engaged in consumption process. A behaviour which consumer denotes activities to both mental and physical height reflects on totality of consumer decisions with regards to acquisition, consumption and disposition of product or services (Best, 2014). We are focusing on purchase decision process family needs to make when buying a car, the main stages a consumer must go through that is essential for marketing area of decision are therefore grouped by the following:  A need or wants recognition  Information search  Evaluation of alternatives  Post purchase Evaluation. The main processes begin with the first stage of a need or want recognition that points the needs of hunger to deprive him/her to purchase an item. Desires usually set in as a depriving factor to consumer’s taste of aroma strawberry ice cream which attract customer to purchase it. Second stage which involve information search by

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