High Involvement and Low Involvement in Searching for Product Information

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High-Tech, Low-Involvement: Changing Consumers’ Search for Information The internet has made it significantly easier for consumers to conduct an information search during the consumer decision-making process. Almost every household owns a computer and has access to the internet. This makes the internet highly accessible, hence information search is fast and convenient. From the case study, Grace wanted to buy a toaster and it has became a priority for her. Buying a toaster used to be a low involvement process for Grace. Initially, she was not interested to spend much time and effort, and low price was the main factor in buying a toaster. However, internet offers both high and low involvement consumers a wealth of shopping information…show more content…
(edmaidel, 2006) Interesting topics encourage user to post their comments, especially when they find the product familiar. Forum reviews might act as a communication channel for reviewers who share common interest and experiences of products or services. They become a ‘closely knitted’ group which create a sense of belonging to the website and thus will motivate them to write reviews. However, dissatisfied and angry users might use the forum or website review as a channel to vent their anger and dissonance. Therefore, what they write are only negative thoughts and remarks. There would be no barrier of communication since they are anonymous, they can write anything freely. The actual advantages of the products might be neglected and only the bad points are highlighted. There a numerous ways to evaluate the website if the online source is trustworthy. ‘User can find out whether the review has been paid for’ (eHow.com), for example if the review is sponsored or funded by a particular organization, it might have a certain level of biasness. Alternatively, consumers can choose to ignore the overall critics or sarcastic comments when looking through reviews for a specific product, and only look for comments on the features and operating functions. This will help ensure that consumers are buying products that suit his or her specific needs. Consumer should also
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