High Level Of Satisfaction For Their City

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Cambridge and Somerville are two communities in Massachusetts where residents report a high level of satisfaction for their city and neighborhood. Both cities have been recognized for their exceptional community programming and enjoyable city life. In April 2016, Cambridge was awarded a five star rating from STAR Communities, a nonprofit based out of Washington, DC. Earlier in the same year, Somerville’s bi­annual “Happiness” survey which gauges resident satisfaction, once again recorded high rates of contentment among its citizens. The satisfaction rating for “[t]he availability of social community events” even grew among Somerville residents from the 2014 survey.

Cambridge and Somerville residents are also a highly heterogeneous demographic compared with the cities and towns further from Boston’s urban center. Only areas inside the Inner Core Metropolitan area of Boston report a more racially diverse composition. Despite the extreme diversity of these two cities, people can reside within their neighborhoods without directly engaging with entire communities outside of their general demographic, social groups and places of congregation. A person might build relationships with key people in their daily life while bypassing other relationship opportunities.

Even if a person is active within their local area, they may still only engage with a small portion of the community when compared to the entire Cambridge and Somerville population. Some might be too strained by a busy…
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