High Metallic Devices And Gaas Has Pushed The Mosfet Dimension Toward The 10 Nm Limits

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1. Abstract Tremendous progress in microelectronics has pushed the MOSFET dimension toward the 10-nm limits and motivated the interest for new devices that could perform at nano scale according to International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors figures of merit , In the near future it is then probable that CMOS will need to share its domination with fundamentally new devices, such as single electron transistors (SETs). SETs have recently attracted much attention because of their nano feature size ultralow power dissipation (four–five decades lower than advanced digital CMOS new functionalities). Single Electron Transistor (SET) is of nanometer-scale devices . SETs can solve the intrinsic drawbacks of CMOS technology like power dissipation. It can be combined with CMOS to improve overall performance of integrated circuits by reducing power consumption and achieving greater functionality. Thus set find wide variety of applications in the field of electronics

2. Introduction Coulomb blockade effect in small metallic devices and GaAs hetero structures has been observed at very low temperatures because the charging energy is typically lower than 1 meV. The latest progress in…
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