High Metallic Devices And Gaas Has Pushed The Mosfet Dimension Toward The 10 Nm Limits

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1. Abstract Tremendous progress in microelectronics has pushed the MOSFET dimension toward the 10-nm limits and motivated the interest for new devices that could perform at nano scale according to International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors figures of merit , In the near future it is then probable that CMOS will need to share its domination with fundamentally new devices, such as single electron transistors (SETs). SETs have recently attracted much attention because of their nano feature size ultralow power dissipation (four–five decades lower than advanced digital CMOS new…show more content…
Silicon single-electron transistors (Si SETS), fabricated by pattern-dependent oxidation in Si wires, exhibit conductance oscillations at a temperature as high as 300 K which corresponds to a charging energy of approximately 30 meV .A recent experiment has revealed interesting characteristics of such small Si SETS at high temperatures. For temperatures above 10 K, the conductance peaks G peak increase rapidly with increasing temperature T, showing a thermal activated behavior G peak = exp(-U/T)with activation energy U over potential barriers that localize electrons in the quantum dot..

3. Literature review and Drawbacks Generally for the MOSFET for the current to be flown between gate and drain certain voltage called threshold voltage has to be applied. So some certain amount electrons gets deposited on gate.
In 1970’s: 10 million electrons are required on the gate to make it on.
In 2013: 100- 10000 electrons are required. But with the SET single electron is capable of passing current from source to drain. It results in less power consumption and faster operation Terminology used: 1. Quantum dot: It is a nano particle of very small dimensions. The energy levels inside it are quantized. It is electrically neutral. When an electron enters in to it by giving
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