High Negligence Case Study

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Case # 2:
In this scenario, all three disciplinary health care providers are guilty for their high negligence in patient’s plan of care and standards of professional conduct. Let’s talk one after one, where each health care professional missed their duties.
The 60 years old man was referred for the home physical therapy after the uncemented hip total arthroplasty. He had five days of stay at the acute care hospital and after that he was referred for the home health care agency for further home physical therapy. Now the first loop hole in this entire scenario is the therapy prescribing physician. The physician wrote in his note that the patient needs ‘toe touch weight bearing’ while the transmitted note to the home health agency said ‘weight bearing as tolerated.’ Here the doctor and the hospital staff should be equally responsible for the misleading the plan of care for the patient. Also during the course of the therapy treatment the doctor did follow up with the patient but he did not pay proper attention on the prognosis of the condition. Despite of patient’s complaint of pain and discomfort in his hip, the physician did not bother to re-evaluate the patient or follow up with the
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The scope of the PTA is, "Practice as physical therapist assistant" means the practice of physical therapy performed under the supervision of a physical therapist licensed under this part.”6 The PTA should follow up with the PT if he/she did not find proper plan of care. PTA cannot decide the plan of care by him/her self because it is not coming under their scope of practice. In this case the PTA did not bother to ask PT about the Plan of Care and decide the wrong plan of care which leads to the abnormal progression of the condition. Also PTA did not communicate the prognosis with the PT during the entire course of the treatment. This makes PTA a same amount of
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