High Nursing Staffing Levels And The Steady Influx Of Patients

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Low nursing staffing levels and the steady influx of patients, related to negative patient outcomes have always been an ongoing issue within the nursing field. Nurse unions nationwide have gathered for years for congress to propose a mandate minimal nurse to patient ratios as they have passed the law in California. With the increase in patients and the continuum of inadequate staffing causes the concern for severity of illnesses, hospital acquired infections, patient safety, job dissatisfaction, medication errors and even patient mortality. The biggest challenge with imposing this law causes the increase and overall cost of care and does not guarantee an improvement in quality, with positive patient care outcomes. Nonetheless, to low patient to nurse ratios are important. A nurse that is treating 6 or more patients lowers the ability for the nurse to properly, assess, diagnosis, implement, educate, and evaluate the patient while in an impatient setting. A disproportionate amount of patients to nurses causes the likelihood of patients being readmitted back into the hospital 30 days or earlier with the same prognosis or worst. A study from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010) supplied evidence that nursing task including administration of medication, coordination of care and documentation engulf the majority of nursing practice time. The study also states direct patient care activities, such as beside care procedures account for 1/5 of the nurses daily productivity (insert

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