High Performance Culture as a Strategy in Human Resource Management

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How is Human Resource Management linked to strategy and organizational outcomes? Discuss a model that depicts the links with a brief discussion of each link.

For an organization to be successful, it must employ good strategies in the running of its business. Strategies are needed to achieve the company’s objectives and give it a competitive advantage against its competitors. It determines the direction in which the organization is going in relation to its environment and how the business develops. Strategies are further segregated into corporate or business strategies where the focus is the formulation of plans and ideas to improve and increase its market share, and internal management strategies which
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Constant review of performance is also required including guidance from the management.

Empowerment of the employees where the staff who are closest to the customer are empowered and given discretionary authority to make decisions will help to improve customer service delivery and thus attain a higher level of customer satisfaction. Customers prefer to deal with a company where their needs can be attended to and resolved immediately. By allowing employees to make decisions especially those affecting the customers, it will build up a better customer relationship and rapport resulting in improved business for the organization.

As mentioned above, people development is an important strategy in good human resource practice, more so in a high performance management culture. Skills must be constantly upgraded and developed, new skills cultivated, and new information and knowledge imparted to the people in order to ensure the company has a constant source of skilled, experienced and qualified workforce. This will then be able to improve on their performance thus helping to achieve the company’s mission.

Career development and advancement is another important aspect in achieving a high performance environment. People are motivated not only by rewards in the form of salary, incentive, benefits but also opportunities for promotion

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