High Performance Teams

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In today’s business world, more and more organizations are moving away from the use of individual work assignments to a combination of manager-led and self-directing teams. These businesses are relying on groups of unique individuals to come together and work on a common goal with a shared purpose. The ultimate goal for these teams are to produce more than what the individuals could do separately. In order for those teams to accomplish this, they must become high performance teams. High performance teams consist of a small number of individuals with complementary skills, who are committed to a specific goal and mutually agree to hold each other accountable for their results. Those teams who make it to this level experience autonomy,…show more content…
If it is a known fact that individuals tend to compare themselves to each other, then why are leaders in organizations so surprised that conflict, rivalry, or competition amongst team members occurs? Part of the reason is because while organizations have changed their thinking from an individualistic form of production to a collectivist form of teams, they have failed to change their form of recognition, incentives, motives, and culture to match. Organizations are promoting the idea of teams and working together for a common goal and purpose, all while offering incentives that are unchanged from the original idea of individual motivation and it is creating competition rather than the cooperation that they need for high performance teams (Beersma, Hollenbeck, Humphrey, Moon, Conlon, & Ilgen, 2003). Unfortunately, there has been considerable controversy over the idea of competition and cooperation in teams. Some research shows that competition is beneficial, while others show that it creates the conflict organizations are trying to avoid. Therefore, it is important to examine the idea of competition and cooperation and seek to decide which is better to pursue. According to Scarborough (2012) one of the best qualities of business leaders or entrepreneurs is a competitive nature. So, if

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