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Identification of the difficulties the managers may be having in establishing self-directed, high-performing teams Some of the difficulties that managers may have when establishing self-directed, high- performance teams is that the team is not provided with a vision and directions. High performance teams are psychologically bound together by the team goals they work which help them to achieve their future aspirations. The manager is the team leader and should guide the team in the right direction. This vision can be articulated in various ways through images, words and experiences. The more experiences you can provide your team members with of the future, the more likely they are to understand where you want to take them and how…show more content…
5. Charter - A team needs a charter and assigned responsibilities. 6. Control - A team needs to be empowered to bring about the results described in the charter. 7. Collaboration - Team members need to understand team development, roles, and responsibilities. 8. Communication - Team members need to communicate with each other and the organization effectively. 9. Creative Innovation - The organization must truly want change to be affected from this team collaboration. 10. Consequences - Both rewards and risk must be clear and the team members must feel accountable. 11. Coordination - Teams must understand the leadership hierarchy and ultimate customer. 12. Cultural Change - The organization must recognize the differences between the traditional business hierarchy and the team building model Recommendations for success Some recommendations for success would be review what happened in the past year and find out what has been achieved in the past year. Make sure that everyone on the team makes his or her own list while gathering this information. The next thing to do would be to focus on achievement, which would be good news only. This will make everyone motivated by not bringing up non-motivated factors. When reviewing thing that failed ask the team to make a list of disappointments. By making a list this will eliminate pointing fingers at each other. A designed plan that might help guide the struggling

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