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High Performance Teamwork



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An example representing each type of group having members from management, production, engineering, and sales in a group that is deciding how to improve a production line that will make a new product. Each constituency within an organization is represented therefore; each view of the organization is covered allowing the best decision to be made for the entire organization not a lone part. There are different methods which can be used to build up a team after forming. Three popular types of team building activities involve the team working together on activities not

directly related to the tasks that the team will be asked to solve. The formal retreat style of team building puts the team in an offsite situation where the characteristics of each team member are gathered though activities, interviews and surveys to build a team profile (Mealiea & Baltazar, 2005).
This team profile is then used to measure the potential of the team, and what each member of the team needs to be successful in the team environment. The continuous improvement approach is the sole responsibility of the team to manage itself. The team agrees to spend time developing each individual team member so the team becomes more cohesive and each individual is able to understand his or her role in the team better. The outdoor experience forces the team into a variety of physical challenges which must be accomplished through teamwork (Schermerhorn et al., 2005,
Chapter 10). By working together on tasks
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