High Protein Diets – Friend or Foe? Essay

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There are many fads and lose weight quick diets out there. Each and every one tries to convince you that they are the best, that their new and improved diet will definitely shed those unwanted pounds fast and with very little adjustment to your daily life. There are diets that tell you to only eat a certain color of food. There are diets that advise you to only eat carbohydrates or eat anything but carbohydrates. My favorites are the ones that try to convince you that you can lose weight without exercise. Let’s look at high protein diets. These diets assure you that if you eat only foods high in protein then you will lose weight faster than other diets. While this diet may in fact shed those pounds fast there are serious health risk…show more content…
Carbohydrates are important because they help burn fat. When you eliminate them it can cause a loss of body fluids. Another drawback which is a positive turn negative is that a substance called ketones are formed on high protein diets and released in the blood stream this is called Ketosis. Ketosis is a benefit because it lowers your appetite but it’s also can cause nausea, headaches change your metabolism, cause kidney trouble and make you grumpy. These diets work but only for short term. If you deprive your body of nutrients it can become sick and make you sick as well. If you are going to try a high protein diet try to make sure its balanced with vegetables. You can eat red meat but try to make sure it is low in fat very little marbling. White meat is very high in protein and can consist of chicken or pork. Regardless of what diet you try if you do not eat a healthy mix of foods and exercise you may lose the weight but it will come right back, and usually brings its friends. I do not advocate dieting. Whether its high protein or no carbs or a liquid diet dieting is not healthy. It can only sustain you for so long and rarely does dieting cause long term weight loss. Try making small changes in your eating habits that will stick and then add in some exercise such as walking or taking the stairs. These are little steps that can help you move into bigger steps and you will be more likely to stick with these changes versus
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