High Quality Of Education And Education

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In today days as the world continuous to growth, the population is increasing in gigantic amounts. As the world continues growing the demand and need of human’s production are more, demanding more production and in high quality. In order to produce more and with good quality, more people have to be well prepared with a good education. To prepare a person to achieve a professional level in society it begins from the education obtained in their lives; the education goes with the hand of a good design and good condition of an educational facility, which has a significant impact on the quality of education and a student’s ability to learn. Personally, based on my experience the design and condition of the educational facility where I attended contributed in my education in a positive way. My education was composed of a well-designed school, with good learning conditions, but with some defects that could be changed or implemented for a better quality of education.
To begin with, a well-designed structure gives a person a feeling of confidence and a taste of wellness. The High School that I attended was well designed, given a sensation of satisfaction to me. The High School design provided a good education facility with small classrooms to interact, big boards to learn any subject in detail, windows providing a clear vision of the world lighting my path to success, wide halls for walking through education, and brilliants colors to impact my inspiration. Furthermore, a library is…
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