High Rate Teacher Turnover And Students Reduction

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With high rate teacher turnover and students reduction, Outerspace Language School committee urgently investigates the reason and resolution. They decide to use action learning which is considered as group-based working on real issues, taking action as well as developing learning as individuals, as a team and as an organization in order to keep loyal teachers and increase numbers of students for school (Marquardt, 2005).
According to Professor Red Revans, who coined the term action learning in 1940, says that the first step in action learning process is clarifying the objective that presents the problem and task to the group (Revans, 1998). Therefore, the school board has a meeting where they together discuss the objective and give a
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The facilitators bring real interactive situation to each seminar. The first seminar is to clarify the managers’ and teachers’ expectation. The second seminar is to build negotiation skills. The third seminar is to enhance confidence for managers. The fourth seminar is to gain cooperation skills. The fifth seminar is to improve conflict resolution skills. The sixth seminar is to develop encouragement skills. The seventh seminar is to gain the skills of delegation. The final seminar is to help the manager increase leadership skills. Actually, before attending seminar, the stakeholders are not interested in the seminar as well as feel uncomfortable with potential management changing. Some of them resist the innovation for changing organization. However, afterwards, most of the managers are eager to take part in the seminar since they recognize their shortcoming in management as well as improve management skills.
It is time to divide 38 managers (19 academic managers and 19 administrative managers) into 4 action learning groups. Action learning set is also a difficulty for the practitioner. Practitioner considers whether divide academic managers into 2 groups and administrative managers into 2 groups or mix academic and administrative managers in groups. Finally, the practitioner decides to choose the second way since mixing academic managers and administrative managers can help them to exchange various experience and
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