High Rate of Infections

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Description Currently, in the medical field, there is a large rate of incidence where infections are hospital acquired, or in other words a high rate of infections acquired through contact with hospital personnel or while in the hospital environment. The high rate of infections acquired has a primary source the close contact within the hospital environment of disease(s) that can be transmitted via the necessary touching done of patients by the health care workers. One study shows that many of the pathogens responsible for nosocomial infections are transmitted from patient to patient via the hands of health-care workers (Polat, Parlak, Cevik, 2011). This is true of every hospital and is an ongoing problem that has been addressed in a myriad of ways, some more effective than others. Current method One of the simplest methods for addressing the high incidence rate is by the simple act of hand washing. A recent study determined that effective hand-washing, including drying to decrease skin surface microbal counts is recognized as a critical factor in infection control policies (Collins, Hampton, 2005). There are differences in the methods used to wash hands and one of the key differences has been traditional hand-washing with soap and water as compared to the use of alcohol-based hand antiseptic. In a study that was conducted to determine the effectiveness of using the hand antiseptic it was determined that the hand hygiene rate almost doubled within the first month
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