High Rates Of Employee Turnover Essay

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High rates of employee turnover can have a negative effect on an organization. This subject has received attention from human resource professionals, senior management and other industrial psychologists. Employee attrition is sometimes intractable and one of the most expensive human resource challenge which most companies face. An organization makes a lot of investments in their employees in terms of induction, recruitment, their development and training, retaining and maintaining them within the organization. Manpower is instrumental for the technology industry and employee turnover is a challenge in Amazon. In an increasing competitive technology landscape, the technology industry should come into terms the need for restructuring in aspects matching industry growth and career progression opportunities. There is a necessity to give the high labor turnover Amazon experiences attention and arrive at benchmark practices that will solve the administrative and operational challenge the high levels of employee turnover pose. This paper will evaluate and analyze the impact of employee turnover using the analytical and creative problem solving in Amazon Virtual Contact Center. The information that this report will provide will enable Amazon to promote strategies that will reduce the high rates of employee turnover while at the same time optimize staff retention by enhancing job satisfaction, organizational commitment, quality service, recruitment, productivity and excellence.
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