High Rise Buildings

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3.1.1 Defining High Rise Buildings According to The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habit, high rise building has a height that creates different conditions in the design, construction, and use than those that exist in common buildings of a certain region and period.

A high rise building is defined to be a building which total height exceeds 36m or more than 12 floors and its use varies between residential, administrative or as a hotel. But from the structural point of view it can be defined as the building that its height will be affected by lateral forces resulting from earth quakes & wind forces to the extent that such forces will play a major role in the process of design

3.1.2 Infrastructure Aspects
It is essential for every high- rise construction to consider planning and actual installing down to the very last detailed so it may not lead to its economic failure. Take the case of La Defense and Canary Wharf.
In the case of La Defense, the entire necessary infrastructure was completed before the construction work actually started like underground railway roads and service systems were planned and built beforehand. The project’s progress was controlled by municipal authorities as well as supply and operating companies and not by the owner of the complex.

On the other hand, Canary Wharf in London is the opposite and proves that La Defense planning is more economically appropriate approach despite the
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