High-Risk Family Assessment Snd Health Promotion Essay

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High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion
Mary Ann Bennett
University of Phoenix
Melinda Church
August 6, 2012

High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Assessing health needs is a fundamental nursing skill. Unfortunately, many nurses only associate the assessment process to the individual patient they are caring for and fail to assess and address the needs of the entire family. Performing a family assessment is vital, especially when working with high risk individuals and groups. High risk families can be defined as those families with a higher than expected risk for developing a particular disease or injury in association to their lifestyle, environment, habits, or socio-economic
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To compound the issue, often the affected veteran will turn to high-risk behaviors in an attempt to find resolution or relief including smoking, social isolation, abuse of alcohol and drugs, and the display of violent or aggressive behavior. Frequently, depression or other mental health issues arise. In a domino effect, the high risk behavior frequently leads to unemployment, habitual drug or alcohol use, poor or absent parenting, fractured family units, unsafe sex, participation in dangerous sports or driving, and in some instances, suicide. Last, stress along with the indulgence of smoking and the consumption of alcohol and drugs can also lead to chronic health issues including hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and digestive disorders.
Assessment and Theory Application Effective treatment of PTSD can only take place if the disorder is recognized. Symptoms of PTSD are commonly divided into three defining sections: (1) reliving the traumatic event, (2) detachment and avoidance, and (3) exaggerated responses (NCBI, 2010). When a patient relives the traumatic event, it occurs in a manner in which it interferes with the normal process of daily life. This can include recurring flashbacks or dreams and distressing memories, which manifest negative physical reactions. Detachment and avoidance is demonstrated through loss of interest in current living situation, avoidance of people or places that may
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