Essay on High Risk Nutrition

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High Risk Nutritional Practice
Rosemary Gutierrez
Grand Canyon University: HLT 324 V
November 15, 2014

The importance of knowing your culture and where you come from can help you understand other people’s culture. This can also aid in improving how you work and what you can do. Being aware of what you are will also help prevent chaos between the patient and healthcare staffs. Being aware and mind sufficient will help one to open one’s eyes to see things in a different perspective such area where nutrition is at a high-risk. Researching the different cultural problems and identifying solutions will assist the writer to comprehend their way of life and lifestyles.

High Risk Nutritional
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Medicine within the Chinese culture is often being used to cure sickness and infection and to raise the forte of the frail and elder people (Purnell, 2013). Common food that Chinese heritage usually consume are peanuts, soybeans and grains. The Chinese culture believes in steaming most of their foods and only fried what is needed. They believe drinking something cold can damage and out balance their body system. When it is suppertime, everyone joins in at the middle of a table and food is served among the most important guest there, then someone signals everyone to eat. It is important for the Chinese heritage to uphold their health. The Chinese people try to keep their body well-balanced with a healthy diet. A healthy diet will aid and prevent imbalances and indigestion (Purnell, 2013). The Chinese people believed in Confucianism. It represents their character and behavior. Their purpose to receive harmony, which is the most important social value they look at. As well defining your role within the heritage by acting in a proper manner. Nurses can provide the Chinese people with a translator and respect their culture beliefs (Tom, 1998).
Cuban Heritage The Cuban heritage are known to have high-risk behavior of having unprotected sex. Most of these sex acts occurs among teenagers. Cuban teenagers commits sexual acts because of family conflict. The
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