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Unlike most others applying to professional schools there was no life-altering event that led me on the path of pursuing law as a profession. There was no sudden moment of clarity that had me clamoring “justice for all”. The idea to go to law school has been more a slow progression stemming from multiple minor (from an outsider’s view) incidents that have occurred in my life. Being raised by two primary care physicians in a modest but comfortable lifestyle, I have always known that a physician is not what I want to become. Witnessing how their lives were and are to this day heavily influenced by the different stages of their careers and the constant changing of the policies and laws that affect health care led me to follow a different calling. On the contrary, their commitment to their professions and quest for higher knowledge did have an effect on me. Despite my occasional resistance and minor teenage rebellious spirit, the drive to do well in school was instilled upon me.…show more content…
Having weathered the direct impact of the storm in my grandparent’s house, losing my childhood home to flood waters, and living through the aftermath, I realize this will always affect aspects of my life. To this day watching the entire nation still discusses Katrina and New Orleans with barely a mention of the Mississippi Gulf Coast which suffered along with our Louisiana neighbors has a negative effect on me. Subsequently, the horrific plight of my fellow coastal neighbors still weighs heavily on me. This catastrophe instilled in me the notion that not just the poor or the rich deserves a voice, but the average American is in desperate need of champions.
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