High School And All Star Cheerleading Essay

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Not all cheerleaders are created equal, they do not perform the same or work as hard. Any All-Star cheerleader will tell you that high school cheerleading is not nearly as hard as All-Star Cheerleading, but why is that? Cheerleading is a mix of chanting, dancing, tumbling, and stunting. Each level of cheerleading has its limits and regulations. To understand why exactly All-Star girls believe they put in so much more work, one must look into the differences between their coaching, training, limits, and requirements to see who really is on the top of the pyramid when it comes to cheerleading. I have done both high school and All-Star cheerleading. I know first hand how each practice goes, and I have gone through the competitions, training, games, and practices. The first big difference between the two levels of cheerleading is the practice and training. At a high school cheerleading practice, every practice is usually the same. The practice starts out with the everyone circling up and stretching and laughing, it’s not taken very serious. After we stretch, we would usually train for twenty minutes. Training involved seeing how many push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks we could do in a minute. Then, we would run a single lap around the football field, but most of the cheerleaders would walk. After training was over we most likely would practice cheers and chants for thirty minutes, dances for thirty minutes, and then stunt if we were lucky. We rarely stunted for the simple

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