High School And College Campuses

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Take Home Exam II Several education, prevention, and punishment programs can be enforced in high school and college campuses to discourage and prevent: extensive use of alcohol to the point of alcohol poisoning potentially leading to the death of the individual(s), prevention of reckless sexual behavior, date rape and other sexual violence. By enforcing more and effective programs through means of education, prevention and punishment the frequency of these actions in high schools and college campuses will decrease substantially. Furthermore, all of these programs must strongly correlate and correspond with each other because they can all relate to one another and affect the actions of various people on college campuses.
Sudden Deaths of Students Due to Alcohol Consumption To prevent deaths and the occurrence of alcohol poisoning among students there needs to be an increase in educational courses about alcohol use and placing limitations on oneself in regards to alcohol consumption. Currently at Texas Tech University there is a mandatory program for freshmen called AlcoholEdu which helps to educate freshmen on various aspects of alcohol use such as binge drinking and alcohol poisoning, date rape and other reckless behavior. However, there are currently no mandatory programs like this for upperclassmen. This would be a more effective program if it continued throughout a student’s college career. Along with mandatory programs there should be optional alcohol education…

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