High School And College Education

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High School and College Education I enrolled for my high school diploma and the program commenced on September 13, 2002. The name of the school is James Madison high school. It is located at 430 Technology Parkway, Norcross, Georgia 30092. Instead of completing the school in a year as scheduled, it took me two years to complete because I could not pay my tuition regularly and on time to receive my lessons as scheduled. Instead of the $980 total tuition cost for the program, I paid over $1400 because of extra charges for ‘past due’ tuition payments. I was greatly encouraged when I finally graduated on July 6, 2014 with honors (GPA 3.3) and received a blue Saphir ring and my high school diploma certificate. I then visited the Adult Degree Administrations in New York to discuss sitting for the GED and SAT to enable me pursue my college degree. I paid the fees and attended lessons in Lehman twice a week for 7 weeks. I sat for the GED and as soon as the result was out, I registered for the SAT. When both requirements (GED and SAT) were met, I gained admission and began to pursue my college credits at Lehman College. I have continued to earn college credits as many as I am able to pay for, regardless of how challenging the journey has been.These taught me that sometimes in life, speed is not as important. Taking the time to deal with the obstacles on the way and reaching one’s destination is what matters most. Professional Training In the year 2004, I
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